ECOWAS: Adeniji once Siad. “If it turns out they truly threaten Bazoum will be eliminated;That’ll be unfortunate.”

Prof. Abolade Adeniji, professor in the department of history and international relations at LASU, said it would be regrettable if it turned out that the coup plotters had indeed threatened to kill President Mohamed Bazoum if ECOWAS intervened militarily. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Prof Abolade Adeniji made the statement in an interview with Channels TV during the Lunch Politics program, when he was asked to react to a report that the coupist leader threatened that if the ECOWAS intervene with military, they will kill the President, Mohamed Bazoum.

Prof Adeniji said that we have to be sure that the so-called pronouncement that they will kill the President is actually true. He said because he can’t imagine that the suppose or the purported government will be issuing that kind of threat.

He said that such statement is irresponsible, uncalled for and he is worried of accepting that statement like that. However, he said,

“But If it turns out that, that is what was actually said that the president(Bazoum) will be eliminated, that will be unfortunate, and it will say a lot about the character of the coupist because, that could amount to a very childish, if not juvenile pronouncement. I have my doubt.”

Prof Adeniji then said that if the statement is so, he doubts if they can carry out that kind of threat because it will have huge implications even for them. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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