During one of my master’s classes, the lecturer said yahoo is worse than corruption- According to Bright Edafe



In a social media post, Delta State Public Relations Officer (PRO) Bright Edafe of the Nigerian Police Force revealed one of the numerous lessons his instructor had taught them in a master’s degree program class about online fraud and corruption.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Bright Edafe who made such disclosure through his official X account few hours ago, shared a picture of himself dressed in his Police uniform, which he complimented with some accessories.

The police officer then went ahead to state that during one of his master’s classes, the lecturer informed them that “yahoo” is worse than corruption.

Bright Edafe wrote;

“During one of my master’s classes, the lecturer said identity theft (cyber crime A.K.A yahoo) is worse than corruption. What do you think?”

Here is Bright Edafe’s post below;



Such disclosure by Bright Edafe has however, generated lots of reactions from Nigerians, as many took to the comment section of his official X account to express disagreement with his lecturer.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>