Due to Tinubu’s ambition and cult, all INEC prestige over the past few years has been destroyed – GRV

Due to Tinubu's ambition and cult, all INEC prestige over the past few years has been destroyed - GRVPresident-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s call for post-election healing cannot take place without justice for all the alleged violations that occurred during the currently-running election process, according to Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour (GRV), Labor’s candidate for governor in Saturday’s gubernatorial election.

The candidate added that the party would investigate all legal alternatives to redress the purported injustice that has marred the state’s governor and council elections….. Continue Reading

At a worldwide press conference on Wednesday, Rhodes-Vivor stated that the foundation of his message in the campaigns is love, empathy, and ethical leadership without hatred.

The full text of his speech is provided below.

“Hello, Lagos, I start again by thanking the people of Lagos for their courage in making decisions based on hope and against fear. Our message is about empathy, love, and open and responsible governance. I put out my hand to say I am with you, I feel your pain, and we, the Deputy Governor, are on your side. We have launched the GRV Care 2023 platform, and anyone who has experienced abuse should upload pictures, hospital bills, and police reports, and we will help offset those bills.

“Yesterday, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu called for healing, but healing cannot happen without justice. The APC has planted evil in Lagosians, insidiously with fanatical rituals and curses by day as well as physical violence against all Lagosians, but they want the peace of the graveyard; they want healing for the dead.

“Most of my messages are not directed to the evil APC cult but to indigenous Lagos people and Lagos people in general.” We cannot afford a one-party regime or a kind of military government that will use violence and diabolical means to create a one-party state. From Ikoyi to Ikeja to Ikorodu, all of us have been deprived of our rights.

“They couldn’t campaign on their own, so they instigated ethnic conflict.” Because of Tinubu’s ambition and his cult, all the prestige that INEC has built up over the past 4 years has been torn apart. For one’s ambition, we have seen our traditional institutions transformed into pawns, tools, and oro rituals performed at night during the day, using the daylight spell that Senator Tinubu and his cult had used to keep Lagos bound.

“This is not an election; it’s violence on many levels, both physically and mentally.” With this ambition, they planted the seeds that could potentially lead to the same outcome as the Rwandan genocide. The people of Lagos are not our neighbors, visitors, or fellow Lagosians with different languages. Our common enemies are violence, insecurity, poverty, stagnation, corruption, and underdevelopment. These are the same people responsible for this, who have weaponized poverty and ethnicity to distract us from their evil efforts and evil activities. “We will never have free and fair elections under President Tinubu.” They have managed to destroy years of delicately balanced ethnic relations, years of consanguineous marriage and friendship, years of commerce, and years of building Lagos into the economic power it is today. I call on the silent majority, decent and cultured Lagos people, indigenous Lagos people, and Lagos people in general to speak up. The worst of us defines the rest of us as enough. “On Saturday, we saw their vision of Lagos and the peasantry, and we will fight through all legal channels to bring OUR Lagos to fruition,”…

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