Dramatic scene in which the main character beats her boyfriend’s sidekick while dumping pepper sauce on her (video)

Dramatic scene in which the main character beats her boyfriend's sidekick while dumping pepper sauce on her (video)A trending video on social media that has stirred reactions online captures the moment a main chick ambushed her boyfriend’s side chick. Continue Reading>>>

Commentary surrounding the trending video reports that the boyfriend’s co-tenant is the one who called the main chick to inform her that her man has brought in another woman.

Upon hearing getting hold of the juicy information, she quickly left home and headed to her boyfriend’s place.

As she was initially told, the side chick was inside her boyfriend’s room relaxing on her bed almost naked. Continue Reading>>>

She quickly poured the pepper sauce she bought on her way to the place on the side chick and started giving her heft slaps on both chicks.

In a part of the video, she even removed her slippers to aid her in landing proper slaps on the lady who was caught red-handed trying to snatch another’s lady’s man.

Although the boyfriend tried to stop her main girlfriend from harming his side chick but he was also overpowered and left the poor girl to her fate.

Below are some of the comments gathered under the video…

Kaykofi – This is bad why not beat the guy instead, some women should learn some sense. But yet still the guy will cheat on you instead of asking the side chick things that draw the man to her.

@Deludedclay – Why don’t they rather attack we the cheating men in any case ,coz the ladies are almost always innocent

@Evansdanquah384 – If were the husband/boyfriend that would certainly be the end. And the Police must act swiftly and arrest the demonic abuser.

@Chairty_ J – The wife is mad… go and put your horseband on leash

@Iambokity – Why are some women idiots like dat… ?? do u kno de number of times ur husband has forced this lady…n who even knows she told him u evil or he is divorcing u etc.men can say anything to get anoda woman in bed… when u catch ur husband in bed with anoda person it ur husband u must do that to..or better still leave him..cos if u beat this one anoda gal will come cos he is the problem..who knows u ursef is also PART of the problem…may be u dnt respect him so he wanna have peace..best ting is get vim n get out of the relationship…simple..dis one u do somtin n de gal get blind or dies in the process u will go to jail. Ur hegoat will still move on wit anoda gal. Think women think

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