Dr. Yunusa Tanko further move discloses why Obi rejected Tinubu’s call for a government of national unity

Dr. Yunusa Tanko further move discloses why Obi rejected Tinubu’s call for a government of national unityA leader of the Labour Party, Dr. Yunusa Tanko, has come forward to explain why his candidate, Peter Gregory Obi, has rejected the call from the president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for all aggrieved parties to sheath their swords and work with him in unifying the country.

This comes as Nigerians across the country brace themselves for the legal battle that will follow the outcome of the recently concluded presidential election…… CONTINUE READING

Recall that Tinubu invited his two closest competitors to join him in creating a better Nigeria during his victory address delivered shortly after he was proclaimed the winner of the presidential election back in February.

The Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council’s Tanko, who was speaking during an interview on ARISE TV’s “News Night” a few hours ago, insisted that Obi cannot accept Tinubu’s call for a government of national unity because, if it is sworn in, it will be dogged by legal uncertainty.

Tanko stated

“He who seeks equity must first come with clean hands. All we are saying is that we are not satisfied with the process that produced him (Tinubu) as president-elect, and Obi is challenging that process. You see, the problem is that if we continue to meander, maneuver, and pamper these mistakes that we have continued to make, then we will never get it right as a people.

So, our presidential candidate has said that before you can be called ‘His Excellency’, then you must come into office through an excellent process. This case is like a football match, when the umpire performs well, then you will be confident enough to pat the winner on the back and celebrate with him. But when you know that the votes that were supposed to be yours a candidate have been given to your opponent and those that were meant for your rival have been given to you, how do you then accept the result?”….. CONTINUE READING

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