Dr. Olukoya Discloses Saying “How a group of witches entered my church and made a complaint about one of our members.”

In a recent video posted to his official Facebook page, Dr. Dk Olukoya, the founder of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries in Yaba, related a fascinating occurrence. In the incident, a group of witches came into the property of his church to complain about one of the believers. He used this tale to illustrate the importance of brokenness in believers’ lives between the minutes of 29:30 and 32:25 in the video. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

In his narrative, Dr. Olukoya described a time when the ministry was in its initial stages, located in the first auditorium. He recollected how commotion arose at the back of the auditorium, where counselors were situated. Several individuals were insistent on meeting him without prior appointments. Despite being denied access, one of the individuals issued a threat to burn down the church if their request was not granted. Faced with this ultimatum, Dr. Olukoya instructed the counselors to allow them to meet him.

Upon meeting the group, Dr. Olukoya encountered three men who appeared quite aggressive. They came to voice their concern about a fellow member who had rented a room in a house belonging to one of them. The complainants detailed how the member engaged in midnight prayers, speaking in an unfamiliar language and summoning fire. This had made life uncomfortable for them, even with the air conditioning on. The men claimed they couldn’t attend their witchcraft meetings due to the disruptions caused by the member.

The men also revealed that they disciplined one of their own members, the wife of one of the complainants, for failing to attend their witchcraft meetings. Their purpose in visiting Dr. Olukoya was to demand that the member vacate their house. They even brought along the refunded amount of three years’ rent as compensation. When asked if they were truly witches, they confirmed their affiliation. Dr. Olukoya then suggested they consider embracing Christianity, given that the power of Jesus was greater than theirs. However, the witches were adamant about their objective: for the member to leave their property.

Dr. Olukoya questioned their reluctance to confront the member directly, to which they expressed fear of the member’s nocturnal activities. They believed that as the pastor and leader, Dr. Olukoya could effectively convey their message. Reflecting on this encounter, Dr. Olukoya expressed his sense of satisfaction as a General Overseer, describing the incident as a remarkable and uplifting moment in his role. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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