Dr. Danlabi Dakota discusses Peter Obi and Atiku in “4 Years Is Near, Get Set For Another Election In 2027”

Dr. Danlabi Dakota discusses Peter Obi and Atiku in The nation is buzzing with excitement as Bola Tinubu, Nigeria’s new president, is set to take office. While some look forward to the occasion with anticipation, others proceed cautiously. However, despite any challenges, Tinubu will undoubtedly be sworn in on May 29. Continue Reading>>>

Dr. Danlabi Dako, a prominent political figure in Nigeria, recently spoke with the media about the forthcoming inauguration.

Dako thinks that any demonstrations or social media campaigns opposed to Tinubu taking the oath of office are just pointless diversionary tactics.

He pleaded for Nigerians to respect the court’s ruling, which is the ultimate word in such cases, and to abstain from any actions that can be seen as undermining the rule of law. Instead, Dako urged the people to concentrate on getting ready for the subsequent election cycle, which will occur in four years. Continue Reading>>>

The inauguration of Tinubu is assured, despite probable opposition to his administration, including as demonstrations and social media campaigns.

Nigerians ought to focus their efforts on getting ready for the 2027 elections in order to guarantee a peaceful and stable transfer of power for many years to come.

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