Doyin Okupe:”Why I Supported Peter Obi During Election And Tinubu After Election”

Doyin Okupe:"Why I Supported Peter Obi During Election And Tinubu After Election"Prominent political figure Doyin Okupe, who previously backed Peter Obi in the most recent elections, used Twitter to make clear his present position and allegiance. Okupe clarified that the idea that a Southerner ought to succeed President Buhari was the foundation of his first endorsement of Obi. Even though they lost, Okupe stressed that he accepted the election results and that Bola Tinubu, another Southerner, was the winner since it was God’s plan.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Okupe tweeted:

“I supported Obi based only on the principle that a southerner must succeed Buhari. Sadly we lost the election. God in His wisdom gave victory to another southerner. A Yoruba & a long-standing associate. If I did not help him to win, should I join others to pull him down unjustifiably?”

This tweet is said to reflect Okupe’s decision to support the current administration and his long-standing relationship with Tinubu and stressing the importance of unity and constructive engagement in the political process rather than joining efforts to undermine the new leadership.

See the screenshot of his post below:

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