Doyin Okupe: He joined us and deceived us and when he had finished all the damages he left- According to Ayo Olorunfemi

Doyin Okupe: He joined us and deceived us and when he had finished all the damages he left- According to Ayo OlorunfemiReacting to comments made by Doyin Okupe, the former director general of the Peter Obi 2023 Presidential Campaign Organization, is Ayo Olorunfemi, Deputy National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP). According to Okupe’s recent statement, President Tinubu is better qualified than Mr. Obi or any of his rival contenders to lead Nigeria as president.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a recent interview with Channels TV, Olorunfemi did not hold back in his criticism of Okupe. He accused Okupe of being disingenuous and causing harm to the Labour Party before his departure. Olorunfemi described Okupe as a pretender who joined the party under false pretenses and left only after inflicting significant damage. According to him, Okupe’s departure exposed his true nature and intentions.

Olorunfemi reaffirmed the Labour Party’s unwavering belief in Peter Obi as the ideal candidate for Nigeria’s presidency. He emphasized that the party still considers Obi the best potential president the country has yet to have. Expressing optimism about the future, Olorunfemi voiced his hope that Obi would ascend to the presidency by 2027. He stated, “Doyin Okupe was never a social democrat, and he made it very clear when he was leaving. He pretended, joined us, and deceived us; and when he had finished all the damage, he left. Everybody knows that Peter Obi is still the best president that we are yet to have, and by the grace of God, by the year 2027, we are going to have him. All things being equal, and with God on our side.”

This strong rebuttal from Olorunfemi highlights the internal tensions and divisions within the Labour Party following Okupe’s departure. It also underscores the party’s steadfast commitment to Peter Obi as their preferred candidate for future presidential elections. The LP’s leadership remains hopeful that, despite the challenges and setbacks, Obi’s vision and leadership will eventually lead him to the highest office in Nigeria.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>