Don’t look back; the EFCC cannot touch you; you gave me N200 million while I was running—Wike to Akpabio


Former Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike complimented Senator Godswill Akpabio and disclosed that he had given him N200 million to demonstrate support for him when he was running for governor during the family Thanksgiving service. Wike advised him not to turn around since the EFCC cannot touch him.

He added that he came forth to support Akpabio similarly when he ran for the Senate because one good deed deserves another. However, he expressed gratitude to God for Akpabio’s victory in the race to lead Nigeria’s Senate. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He said, “Today we have a governor who is not our enemy but our successor. I belong to our political family, so whenever I leave the house, I do it with joy. I don’t even turn around to look behind since I am confident that I am safe anywhere. Protection from God and from oneself Here, man’s protection is not equivalent to God’s. similar to this Senate president. He appeared when I was running for office in 2014–2015, was humiliated, and appeared on television. How is it possible for him to control Rivers State’s affairs? A good deed merits another. He declared that I should be the one to win this election. He wasn’t the target of any abuse. He did not simply emerge; For that election, he paid me 200 million Naira. The EFCC cannot touch you, so don’t turn around. I remarked, “One good deed deserves another; if he could do that for me, now I can also support him, and we thank God he succeeded,” since I felt that one good deed deserved another.

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