Donald Duke states, “I advised Obi To Quit The PDP Because Of His Followers.”

Donald Duke states, Donald Duke, a former governor of Cross Rivers State and a prominent member of the Peoples Democratic Party, has disclosed his involvement in Peter Obi’s decision to abandon the former ruling party in favor of a different political platform amid the controversies and drama that have persisted in the wake of the recently concluded presidential elections, which were held more than two weeks ago.

Remember how Obi’s switch from the PDP to the Labour Party in 2022 garnered national media attention just over a month before the former ruling party’s presidential primaries? Although the cause of his resignation was unknown at the time, there were several rumors that a south-south governor who was also vying for the presidency may have driven him out….. Continue Reading

Duke said in an interview that he had advised Obi to quit the PDP if he wanted to maintain the support of the country’s expanding youth population. The former governor of Cross River claimed that if Obi had remained in the PDP, it would have been hard for young people looking to leave the current political system to support him.

He said;

“it’s amazing for someone to start a movement and grow it to such a size within six months. Peter is a symbol. But it’s not him. What has he said that we have not heard before? But he is a symbol that reflects two things; he reflects the anger of the people and also what we could be as a country. He says the right things and people have keyed into it.

Now, if Peter were still in the PDP, he wouldn’t have gotten that kind of traction. And I said to him; you have an army of young people who have hope in you, what are you going to do with them? They are not going to join the PDP or APC. But they have tasted blood and want to be involved in the governance and politics of the country and they see you as an arrowhead. You to reflect and know what to do with them, you have to provide a platform for them.”…… Read more


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