Does it make sense to give Lagos N5B & Yobe N5B – Akunna given that Lagos accounts for half of all vehicles in Nigeria?

Half of Nigeria’s vehicles are in Lagos State, according to Chuks Akunna, Executive Director of Authority Newspaper. He then questioned whether it made sense for the federal government to pay Lagos State 5 billion naira while giving a state like Yobe the same amount. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Chuks Akunna was asked to respond to the 5 billion naira the federal government is giving to each state during an interview with AIT for the Kakaaki show. He was also asked if there was a procedure in place to monitor it.

Effective monitoring won’t be evident without the cabinet, according to Chuks Akunna. He claimed that’s why they keep advising President Tinubu to choose his cabinet because it’s likely that the specialists in the cabinet will be the ones to sit and consider the strategy.

He did, however, mention the palliative

“Lagos houses half of all the vehicles in Nigeria. Does it make sense to provide Lagos 5 billion naira while also giving Yobe (with all due respect) the same 5 billion naira (if you check gasoline usage in Nigeria, half is consumed in Lagos)?

He claimed that the palliative should have a target market and not only be cosmetic. He informed him that the government had just tried to avoid the controversy because we lacked reliable data.…… Continue Your Reading

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