Diri Said He Won’t Kill To Retain Power And Jonathan Said His Amb. Isn’t Worth Anyone’s Blood – Ughegbe

Before the state’s November 11 gubernatorial election, Bayelsa State Governor Douye Diri reportedly pledged that he would not shed blood to keep his position. Political commentator Lemmy Ughegbe has responded. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Ughegbe stated during an interactive session on AIT News that Governor Diri’s pledge reminds him of something former President Goodluck Jonathan said in 2015 when running for re-election. He claims that Jonathan claimed his goal was not worth the blood of any person in 2015. He continued by saying that this story ought to dominate Nigerian politics.

“Governor Douye Diri vow: these are narratives that should always be played up,” Ughegbe said. He made comments that are similar to those made by former President Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in 2015 while he was running for reelection. ‘My ambition is not worth the spilling of any citizen’s blood,’ he declared, and now Douye Diri has declared that I would not kill only to maintain power. We need stories like these, especially given how violent our politics tend to be. I consider that to be a prudent move.…… Continue Your Reading

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