Deploying the Nigerian Army to Niger without the Senate’s consent is treason, according to MBF

The Middle Belt Forum (MBF) has issued a warning that deploying Nigerian troops to the Niger Republic without the approval of the Nigerian Senate will be viewed as treason, according to a post on Vanguard’s official website. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The MBF also cautioned that any deployment of Nigerian troops at this time would worsen the country’s situation and put more burden on its economy.

In response to the reported ECOWAS order to send troops to overthrow the military junta in the Niger Republic, Dr. Bitrus Pogu, National President of MBF, warned that Nigeria should not be involved in any kind of proxy war in the neighboring country.

“To me, the entire situation involving the Niger Republic is like a double standard,” he claims.

“Many things have occurred in ECOWAS, including things that, under the applicable national laws, were unconstitutional.” For instance, in light of the most recent election, the constitution of our nation is currently under scrutiny. Nobody entered the room to demand adherence to the constitution’s rules. If certain conditions are not met, you cannot simply swear someone in. That was improper.

“Once more, the military has seized control of government in some West African nations and is still in power, and ECOWAS has said nothing about it.”

Why are there such inequalities and why is Niger garnering so much attention?

Therefore, something suspicious about the situation exists. More over half of the people in Niger are Hausa. Additionally, they have family in Nigeria.

“For that reason, we must carefully consider this. However, in the long run, a war like that will worsen our already failing economy since Nigeria will be affected from both sides.

“As a result, it is not advised; possibly the West is behind their uprising; we are not intended to lead western proxy battles for them.

We’ve been suffering from Boko Haram for years with no assistance, so let France handle their conflict. We should refrain from getting involved in issues and circumstances that do not concern us.

Furthermore, the Senate must approve any deployment of Nigerian military outside of its borders.

“Under present legislation, the President cannot simply send our military. Keep in mind that the Senate earlier rejected the President’s request for deployment. Therefore, circumnavigating the Senate will be a fair offense.

Therefore, it would be regretful if the President sent Nigerian forces to take part under any pretext, whether within ECOWAS or outside, without getting our Senate’s approval. Finally, he said.…… Continue Your Reading

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