Dele Momodu: “Wike Has Crossed The Rubicon,” the sign read. “We Have Passed The Stage Of Reconciliation Here.”

"Wike Has Crossed The Rubicon," the sign read. "We Have Passed The Stage Of Reconciliation Here." (Dele Momodu)According to PDP Chieftain Dele Momodu, Nyesom Wike cannot possibly negotiate his way back into the PDP following the part he played in the APC’s election triumph.

He claimed that Wike could no longer join the party since he had been successful in obtaining important ministries within the APC. But he said that if he had been in control of the situation, he would have expelled the FCT minister from the party long ago.CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”I think we have passed the stage of reconciliation here, he [Wike] has crossed the Rubicon.

He’s already with APC, he can say anything that he’s still with the party. The idea is to keep pressing the neck of the party while he’s riding high with APC. The kind of juicy portfolios that he’s able to arrange in APC, What will he be doing in PDP? He doesn’t need PDP again, he’s gone as far as I’m concerned. But what I’m saying is that if I had the power to discipline him. I would have done that long ago even before now.” CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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