Dele Momodu once said, “Tinubu used to listen to me and I respect his intelligence. He is naturally brilliant.”

President Bola Tinubu, according to senior PDP member Dele Momodu, values the president’s opinion and holds him in high regard for his intelligence, according to Momodu. He continues to laud President Tinubu, calling him a person with innate brilliance. Dele Momodu also expresses sorrow, implying that if he and the President had remained close, he would have strongly advocated against eliminating the petrol subsidy right away.CONTINUE READING>>>>>

In essence, Dele Momodu paints a picture of a close and respectful relationship between himself and President Tinubu in the past. He believes that if he were in a position to influence the President, he would have taken the opportunity to counsel against a particular decision. Specifically, he criticizes the abrupt removal of the fuel subsidy on the first day of President Tinubu’s tenure, arguing that it caused distress rather than instilling hope in the Nigerian population. Momodu suggests that a more gradual approach might have been more effective, allowing for a period of adjustment and preparation.

Dele Momodu’s perspective underscores the importance of thoughtful and strategic decision-making in governance, as well as the significance of personal relationships and trust within the political landscape. His comments also highlight the complexity of managing critical economic policies like fuel subsidies and the potential impact such decisions can have on a nation’s well-being.Continue Full Reading>>>

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