Dele Farotimi:”Tinubu flies around in private jet of his friend whose company he gave no-bid contract”


Lawyer Dele Farotimi, a former spokesman for the Obi/Datti presidential campaign committee, has claimed that Tinubu uses his close friend’s private plane, which is owned by the corporation that was given the four billion naira per kilometer Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a video Farotimi shared on his Facebook page, he stated that land was expropriated for this project and that Tinubu’s son is on the board of the company awarded the contract.


In Dele Farotimi’s words: “Our president Tinubu flies around in the private jet of his best friend whose company he awarded the no-contest, no-bid contract where a kilometer of the road costs four billion naira, where land has been expropriated and his son sits on the board of this company. Nobody thinks anything is wrong and it is only people like us that are complaining”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

You can watch the video here. Start from 16:12. Link: