Daddy Freeze once said, “I Haven’t Been to a Physical Church Service in Over Seven Years, But I’m Growing.”

On his verified Facebook page last night, Daddy Freeze went live to discuss the last Sunday service he actually attended. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

“I think we all need to start praying by ourselves at home,” Daddy Freeze remarked. For the past seven years, no one has prayed for me, but by God’s grace, I am improving. Even though I haven’t been to a physical church service in almost seven years, I’ve still made progress.

Daddy Freeze continued, “I haven’t been to a religious service since my wife’s father passed away. I am grateful to God today because I would be starving and begging for food if these pastors had their way. However, this will render invalid everything I have advocated over the years.

Finally, Daddy Freeze added, “I think people need to start thinking about how to send rockets to mars now that we are in 2023. They shouldn’t constantly consider how to make it to all church services.…… Continue Your Reading

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