Currently, Bishop TD Jakes has over 28,000 members, but prior to being well-known, he preached for ten years.-Suleman

Bishop TD Jakes struggled in his early ministry, as Apostle Johnson Suleman, the General Overseer and Senior Pastor of Omega Fire International Ministries, recently revealed to his audience. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The clergyman claimed in a video that was put on his official Facebook page that Bishop TD Jakes, who is now widely known, spent ten years preaching vigorously in America, but that his followers were few. The minister went on to explain how God had strengthened his ministry after years of preaching. He claimed that a man organized a revival event, and a brief segment of the gathering was broadcast on television so that other Americans who weren’t present could watch even from the comfort of their own homes.

After making this decision, the organizer of the revival program invited Bishop TD Jakes to deliver the sermon. When the little excerpt was made public, the owner of the television station felt blessed after hearing the sermon. He therefore asked that the entire sermon be made available and that people forgo paying him for the service.

When Americans listened to the entire sermon, they were also blessed, and they all marveled at the character of Bishop TD Jakes and how this contributed to the growth of his popularity overseas. The minister claimed that with over 28 thousand members, Bishop TD Jake’s church is currently one of the largest in America.…… Continue Your Reading

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