Cuban psychic – claims that Ronaldo’s mother uses witchcraft on Georgina Rodriguez

Mhoni Vidente, a Cuban psychic, has claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aveiro, has resorted to witchcraft to expel her son’s partner, Georgina Rodriguez.Continue Reading>>>

Although members of the family are persistent in denying any feud, Mrs Aveiro is reportedly entangled in an extraordinary effort to disrupt her son’s relationship with the Spanish-Argentine model.

Vidente said that Aveiro is now applying unorthodox means of witchcraft to expel Miss Rodriguez from Ronaldo’s life.Continue Reading>>>

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother is doing witchcraft to Georgina. She never wanted him to marry her or have children with Cristiano because she lost three children,” Vidente said, according to Sportsmanor.

“The last time she lost one of the twins, that was the boy, and the lady told her: “You know what, my son, I don’t want Georgina in my house”.

“She ran out of the house. And, for this reason, Cristiano does not take Georgina to his mother’s house, only to the children

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