CSP Sani:”People Don’t like to see black uniform of police That’s why I and other officers wear mufti”

CSP Sani:"People Don't like to see black uniform of police That's why I and other officers wear mufti"The Police Complaint Response Unit (PCRU) chief, CSP El-Mustapha Sani, has given an explanation for why he and his group don’t wear uniforms. When questioned about it, he stated that individuals can file complaints against police personnel at the PCRU. He claimed that if they wear uniforms, people would feel uneasy or be reluctant to approach them.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a video shared by Channels TV, CSP Sani said many people feel uneasy around the black police uniforms. He explained that to make the PCRU more approachable and friendly, he and the other officers wear plain clothes instead. He said this way, members of the public feel more at ease when sharing their concerns.

CSP Sani said by not wearing uniforms, the PCRU creates an environment where people can freely report any issues without feeling intimidated.

In CSP Sani’s words: “People don’t like to see black uniform of the police, that is why I and other officers in this office are always in mufti”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>