Court of Appeal Upholds Sacking and Denies Defected Pro-Wike’s Rivers Lawmakers’ Appeal

Court of Appeal Upholds Sacking and Denies Defected Pro-Wike's Rivers Lawmakers' AppealAccording to the Nigerian Tribune, a Court of Appeal in Port Harcourt recently dismissed an appeal brought by 26 former members of the Rivers State House of Assembly. The MPs, who had defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC), had attempted to postpone the implementation of an injunction prohibiting them from working as lawmakers.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The ruling came during a virtual hearing via Zoom.

The court addressed two motions filed by Martins Amaewhule and other defected lawmakers.

They challenged the Rivers State High Court’s injunction that restrained them from functioning as lawmakers.

The Court of Appeal granted the appellants’ request to compile and transmit the records of appeal.

It also deemed the appellants’ brief of argument as filed, approved an accelerated hearing, and ordered a stay of further proceedings at the High Court.

However, the court did not grant the request for a stay of execution and setting aside the lower court’s interim order.

It ruled that doing so would effectively decide the appeal prematurely.

Instead, the court ordered that the present status quo be maintained until the appeal’s hearing.

On the second motion, which sought to set aside the interlocutory injunction of the Lower Court, the Court of Appeal also refused the request.

It reiterated that the current status quo should be maintained.

Respondents must file their briefs within 72 hours of being served.

The appeal hearing is scheduled for June 20, 2024.

Justice Hamma Akawu Barka presided over the case.

“I have looked at the peculiar nature of the instant case, and do agree that guided by the decisions of Ediru vs. Tijjani (2024) SNWLR (pt. 1931) 393 at 416, and pursuant to the stipulations of Order 4 Rule 4, it is just that parties halt hostilities until the determination of the Appeal before this court,” he stated.

He ordered all parties to maintain the present status quo.

“The conclusion is that the application succeeds in part. Prayers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 are granted, while all other prayers stand not granted. I make no order on costs,” he said.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>>