Coup Crisis: Chuks Akunna Discloses. “IBB said they have to wait for 1983 election because they know election will be rigged.”

According to Chuks Akunna, Executive Director of the Authority newspaper, retired General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida stated that they must wait till the 1983 election since they are aware that it will be rigged. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Chuks Akunna made the statement in an interview with AIT during the Kakaaki program when he was reacting to the story of military coup in Niger and ECOWAS’ meeting yesterday to intervene.

Chuks Akunna said that the worst form of democracy is better than the most benevolent dictatorship. He said but in a case where on paper, it is democracy but the attribute is that of fascism and dictatorship have covered the system, that is where problem lies especially in Africa.

He said in most African countries, good governance is lacking, no freedom of speech, elections are not free and fair. He said these are the things that led to coup.

“There is this famous interview by former President Ibrahim Babangida. He even gave an instance of why Shagari was not toppled in 1982. He said if they did that at the time, there would be uproar. According to retired general Babangida, they have to wait for 1983 election, because they know that election would be rigged and there would be so much general discontent. They read the mood of the people. Look at what is happening in the street of Niger”. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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