Constitution Didn’t Say You Must Take Step One, Two Before Defection Is Deemed Valid – According to Sogbeye Eli

The Coalition of Northern Groups’ national coordinator, Jamilu Charanchi, strongly disagreed with the national assembly’s decision to outlaw open grazing in Nigeria, comparing it to an infringement on the rights of non-native citizens to own property.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Charanchi asked a rhetorical question in an interview with Arise Television, wondering what people would think if the Kano State government cancelled all Certificates of Occupancy (C of O) for buildings and stores in the state. He contended that these actions unjustly limit citizens’ capacity to carry out lawful business throughout the nation.

In his interview, Charanchi criticized the idea of forcing people to return to their respective regions, citing historical proposals that were rejected by Nigerian elites. He emphasized that legal business activities should not be curtailed based on regional origin, asserting that such policies would exacerbate division rather than promote unity among the country’s diverse population. His remarks underscored concerns about the impact of legislative decisions on the rights of citizens to engage in commerce freely and without undue restriction.

Charanchi’s comments highlight a broader debate on the implications of legislative measures aimed at regulating grazing practices in Nigeria. He argued that restricting the movement and economic activities of citizens based on regional identity undermines the principles of national unity and economic freedom. His statements echoed concerns about the potential consequences of such policies on the rights of individuals to own property and engage in business activities across different regions of Nigeria.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>