Cletus Obun:”If the North Had Insisted That It Was Our Turn, There Would Have Been No Nigeria By Now”

APC Chieftain Hon. Cletus Obun discussed the suggested 6-year term for presidents and governors in an interview with AIT. The proposal was made by a group of MPs from the 10th House of Representatives. Obun highlighted the sacrifices made by northern politicians in his reflection on the political circumstances that led to the ascent to power of former Presidents Goodluck Jonathan and Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Obun emphasised that similar sacrifices are needed now, warning that if the North had insisted on its “turn” and “time,” the country might have collapsed. He emphasized the need for the people to embrace the proposal of a 6-year term in office as a sacrifice for the sake of good governance and for democracy to thrive.

According to him, “What I’m saying is that he can proceed to contest as if he never ran an election before. That’s the sacrifice I’m talking about: people must be ready for patriotic reasons, like we did for Jonathan and Yaradua; it was for patriotic reasons. Otherwise, if the North had insisted that it was our turn and that it was our time, there would have been no Nigeria by now, but they made that sacrifice to say, Jonathan, go ahead.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>