Chuchu Mweke “Supreme Court to Have Final Say, Wike’s Loyalists’ Reinstatement Temporary”

Chuchu Mweke "Supreme Court to Have Final Say, Wike's Loyalists' Reinstatement Temporary"A recent development in the political conflict in Rivers State is that the Appeal Court reversed the removal of twenty-five lawmakers who supported Governor Nyesom Wike from the State House of Assembly.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to punch news, the lawmakers were initially removed for defecting to the opposition party. While this ruling is seen as a victory for Wike’s camp, political analyst Chuchu Mweke believes the Supreme Court will have the final say.

“A appeal court may have given it to Wike, but Supreme Court will sack them from the house,” Mweke stated. He expressed confidence that the highest court in the land would reinstate the expulsion, citing legal precedents and the constitution. Mweke’s prediction suggests that the political drama in Rivers State is far from over.

The reinstated lawmakers have resumed their duties, but the uncertainty surrounding their fate continues. The Supreme Court’s eventual ruling will likely have significant implications for the state’s political landscape and the ongoing power struggle between Governor Wike and his opponents.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>