Christ has fulfilled all that He was required to do for your salvation. Pastor Kumuyi, “It’s Left For You To Forsake Satan”

On a live video stream, the general superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, shared a message with the general public. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The cleric reportedly said, “Actually, before Saul was translated and before his name was changed to Paul, he was injurious in iniquity but when he repented, the Lord imputed His righteousness unto him,” in a Friday Global Crusade sermon on PRECIOUS IMPUTATION FOR THE INJURIOUS IN INIQUITY Point 1. Every time there is injustice, there will always be harm. There will be harm wherever there is disobedience and sin. Everyone who has injustices also has injustices. All those who will follow in Abraham’s footsteps and come to know Christ as friends must repent of their sins and turn to the Lord, who will then count their confidence in Christ as righteousness.

Speaking further, he declared, “As you come tonight and confess that Jesus is your Lord and Savior, renouncing all of your sins will be counted unto you as if you’ve never sinned in your life. Because He becomes your Lord and because God raised Him from the dead, you come under His control, His authority, and His favor.

Christ was suffering your guilt, and He still bears your sins to provide you with justification. He also grants you forgiveness and the favor of God in His eyes as a result. That is the accusation of the injured parties who later felt regret. God is Holy, and His holiness is purer than gold. However, because man is sinful, polluted, destined, and damned, the sinful man cannot coexist with the Holy God. Thankfully, Christ came and bore our sins away, making peace between us and God.

He said, “God still wants to have mercy on you and He sent Jesus Christ that He will live a pure life, He was qualified to pay your debts and to be your representative, the salvation of God is coming to you. All your sins will no longer be credited to you because you put your trust in Jesus. The yoke you ought to have carried, the offenses you committed because of Christ, and all your sins will no longer be imputed to you.

You’ve been turning your back on God, and your sinful habits have done the same. However, when you realize that JESUS Christ bore everything for you and turn around, you are reconciled with God. Christ has completed everything necessary to secure your salvation. It is now up to you to decide to give up Satan and idolatry. There is no turning back, and you won’t change your mind.…… Continue Your Reading

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