Checkout Why I Want My Accountant General To Succeed Me

Checkout Why I Want My Accountant General To Succeed Me
Checkout Why I Want My Accountant General To Succeed Me
When the news broke, that the Executive Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello has anointed his Accountant General to succeed him, his tenure will expire in January 2024. Many were not surprised, mainly because of the very cordial relationship, these two have shared in the past years and the qualities and attribute the Accountant General, Jubrin Momoh exhibits as a person.

For many who don’t know, Alhaji Jubril Momoh he remains one of the cardinal pillars of Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration. He has remained a personal friend of the governor, a loyal fellow and a dependable officer of the government.….. CONTINUE READING

It was also revealed that when Yahaya Bello expressed his desire to run for presidency, he got betrayed by many of his close and trusted friends whom he had so much faith, they never supported him, but Jubril Momoh was among the very few who supported his dream and encouraged him to give it a trial. He has remained very loyal to the governor and the governor has never had any reasons to doubt his loyalty at all.

It was also revealed that despite his high status in Kogi government, he has remained very humble and very committed to his duties and above all, he made the success and achievement of his boss, Yahaya Bello a top priority of everything he does.

This unique attribute, integrity committment and humility is among the many reasons, the governor has owned him very dear to his heart.

Many has falling in love with his humility and personality, within a short period in office, he has been able to achieve more compared to others. He single handedly influence the renovation of the central Mosque and preach unity amongst his people. He also influened the appointment of many sons and daughters in the civil service and other political positions.

This selfless man took it upon himself to always give back to his society, he renovated the community secondary school, drilled borehole to ease water scarcity in Okengwe district, paid WAEC fees for the children of the less privileged, empowered widows, provided cash gifts to the youths and influence the construction of Obehira road.

This show of love and hmanity is always exhibited by the Account General and also his wife Hajiya Zainab in the state.

In showing love Hajia Zainab most times distribute food items, rappers and cash gifts to thousands of women across the four communities in Kogi Local Government Area in Kogi State. This is a charity work, she always do for the people, supported by her husband.

In one of those of her outing, she opened up that it has always been her desire to reach out to the needy people and support her fellow women with the little she has and she is appreciate of her kind hearted and generous husband God has blessed her with, who always support her and remain a pillar to her vision and charity works.

All these and more are the reasons he is loved by many and when his friends came together to buy the nomination from as a gift to him, it didn’t come as a surprise to many, to many, it was an hour well deserved.

It was also gathered that despite the fac that the APC primaries is scheduled for April 10th, two candidates of the APC who already bought their forms decided to step down for him and rather work with him knowing his capabilities, instead of working against him.

It was also revealed that the two politicians that stepped down for him are not just popular politicians but were political forces to reckon with especially at the grassroot level through their many years of humanitarian services to their people.

Many has described Alhaji Jubrin as a man of matured dispositions and deep leadership understanding has been seen by many as a stand out aspirant that will pick the APC ticket during the party’s governorship primary election slated for April 10th, 2023.

In a special political party gathering in the state, the Executive Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello stated openly why he chose his Accountant General to succeed him.

According to the governor.

“Many can not differentiate between myself and Momoh Jubril. Some times, when we are addressing ourselves outside, Momoh Jubril will put Bello, Yahaya Bello will put Momoh. Our friendship has been from childhood up to University to the point we had employment and up to where we are today. That is a wonderful relationship. I have never regretted my relationship with him right from our childhood”. And he is a man. I can trust with all I have anyday….. CONTINUE READING

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