Checkout the complete List of 257 Judges Who Will Handle 2023 Elections Petitions Nationwide

COSEYL issued Out: We Want Mr. Peter Obi’s Mandate Restored, We Do Not Want The Senate Presidency

A report by The Punch indicates that no fewer than 257 judges will be deployed to handle the petitions filed against the outcome of the 2023 elections across Nigeria.

The newspaper stated that a document it obtained on Friday, March 31, showed that the judges were selected from different state high courts, Federal High Courts, FCT High Court and the National Industrial Court across the country…… CONTINUE READING 

257 judges/2023 elections petitions
Men of the Nigeria police force are seen outside the Federal High Court, during the trial of the leader of IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu. Photo credit: KOLA SULAIMON/AFP Source: Getty Images

Judges from Abia state
C.O. Onyeabo
Ory Zik-Ikeorha
C.H. Ahuchaogu
A.O. Chijioke
K.C.J. Okereke
L.T.C. Eruba
Benson Anya
Nweke Philomena
A.O. Phoeba
C.K. Nwankwo.

Judges from Adamawa state
Justices H.N.H. Joda
B.I. Ladukiya
Musa Usman
K.L. Samuel
A.J. Balami
K.Z.U. Modibbo.

Judges from Akwa Ibom State
P.P. Idiong
A.D. Odokwo
O.A. Okon
F.J. Ibanga
N.M. Obot.

Judges from Benue State
Justice W.I. Kpochi
T.A. Kume
T.T. Asua
P.T. Kwahar
M.T. Ugar
A.I. Ityonyman
M.M. Odinya
I. Muhammed.

Judges from Borno state
Justice H.Y. Mshelia
A.Z. Musa
U.S. Sakwa
M.G. Abubakar
Binta Othman.

Judges from Cross River State
F.N. Isoni
E.O. Abua
O.I. Ofem
A.A. Ewah
U.A. Ibrahim
E.I. Ebri
I.B. Etape
E.A. Ubua.

Judges from Delta State
Justices A.O. Apkovi
F.N. Azinge
C.N. Ogadi
E.N. Ejiro
T.O. Uloho
M.O. Omovie
C.O. Emifoniye
C.I. Dafe

Judges from Ebonyi State
Justices H.A. Njoku
B.A.N Ogbu
N.E. Nwibo
C.E. Eze
I.P. Chima
O. Elekwa
T.A. Achom
U. Onwosi.

Judges from Edo State
Justice V.O. Eboreime
J.O. Okeaya
V.O.A. Oviawe
I.P. Braimoh
T.I. Eghe-Abe.

Judges from Ekiti State
Justice A.L. Ogunmoye
A.A. Adeleye
L.O. Ogundana
E.B. Omotoso
A.O. Familoni
J.A. Apuabi
O.O. Oluboyede.

Judges from Enugu State
Justice R.O. Odugu
E.N. Oluedo
N.R. Oji
C.A.B. Onaga
U.J. Nweze
E.N. Alukwu.

Judges from Kaduna state
Justice E.Y.B. Lolo
K. Dabo
M.T. Rashid
M.N. Sidi
A.Y. John
E. Michael.

Judges from Kano State
Justices M. Yusuf Ubale
A.A. Amina
I.M.M Karaye
N. Saminu
J.S. Suleiman
S.A. Maryam
S.M. Ado
A.A. Maiwada.

Judges from Katsina state
Justice A.B. Abdullahi
Justice A.K. Tukur
Justice I.W. Baraka
Justice B.U. Safiya
Justice I.I. Mashi
Justice L. Umar
Justice A. Yarima
Justice M.D. Hadiza

Judges from Jigawa state
Justice A.M. Abubakar
Justice A.Y. Birnin Kudu
Justice I. Ya’u
Justice N. Zargina

Judges from Sokoto state
Justice M.U. Dogondaji
Justice A.G. Sifawa
Justice M. Mohammed
Justice S. Shehu
Justice M.A. Sambo
Justice D.Y. Danjega
Justice B.Y. Tambuwa
Justice B. Ibrahim

Judges from Zamfara state
Justice B.M. Tukur
Justice H. Mikailu
Justice B.M. Kucheri
Justice I.H. Ismaila
Justice U. AbdulNasir
Justice S.G. G/Bore
Justice B. Rabi

Judges from Kebbi state
Justice U. Abubakar
Justice N.I. Umar
Justice S.B. Shuaibu
Justice F.H. Bunza
Justice S.K. Manya
Justice A.S. Bello
Justice S.U. Mukhtar
Justice U.A. S/Kudu

Judges from Taraba state
Justice S. Haruna
Justice A.B. Abbare
Justice C.J. Katabs
Justice M.A. Badamasi
Mrs E. Tata (CM)
Mr K.A.A. Yara (UAC)

Judges from Yobe state
Justice M.Z. Usman
Justice K.B. Yusuf
Justice M. Kyari
Justice H.L. Musa
Justice H.S. Tahir
Justice K.M.B Inuwa
Justice A.K. Kime.

Judges from Gombe State
Justice A.M. Yakubu
Justice H.H. Kereng
Justice S.Y. Abubakar
Justice M. Fatima
Justice D.S. Sikkam
Justice M.A. Haruna
Justice B.H. Abbayo
Justice M.I. Gombe.

Judges from Kogi State
Justice F. Ajayi
Justice S. Umar
Justice M.M. Gwatana
Justice A.S. Husaini
Justice S. Zubayru
Justice B. Aina
Justice D. Yakubu

Judges from Rivers state
Justice M.O. Opara
Justice G.C. Aguma
Justice F. Onyiri
Justice L.T. Senewo
Justice F.A. Fiberesima
Justice L. Ngbor-Abina
Justice O.D. Gbasam
Justice S.S. Popnen

Judges from Plateau state
Justice A.I. Ashom
Justice N.J. Dadi
Justice T. Zololo
Justice G.M. Kamyal
Justice V. Dadom
Justice D.S. Damulak
Justice S.S. Fomber
Justice B.M. Bassi

Judges from Nasarawa state
Justice R.G. Soji
Justice A.M. Mainoma
Justice S.A. Ayiwulu
Justice A.A. Ozegyu
Justice M.A. Ramat
Justice J.K. Kurape
Justice A.T. Chanbo

Judges from Niger state
Justice M. Abdullahi
Justice S.T. Zainab
Justice Y.G. Bilkisu
Justice I. Usman
Justice I. Hauwa Kulu
Justice L.M. Amina
Justice M.I. Khadijat

Judges from Lagos state
Justice M.O. Obadina
Justice J.E. Oyefeso
Justice A.O. Opesanwo
Justice L.B.L. Akapo
Justice J.A. Kudirat
Justice S.S. Ogunsanya
Justice I.O. Akinkugbe
Justice O.A. Adamson.
Judges from Ogun state
Justice C.C. Ogunsanya
Justice O. Ogunfowora
Justice A.A.S. Femi
Justice A.O. Araba
Justice A.A. Adewole
Mr I.O. Awofeso (CM)
Mr D.I. Dipeolu (CM)
Judges from Osun State
Justice A.A. Ajeibe
Justice A.O. Ayoola
Justice K.M. Akano
Justice A.L. Adegoke
Justice M.O. Agboola
Justice S.A. Oke
Justice M.O. Okediya
Justice A.O. Adenji.

Judges from Ondo State
Justice O.A. Osadebay
Justice P.O. Ikujuni
Justice W.R. Olamide
Justice O. Sunday
Justice J.O. Abe
Justice A. Enikuomehin
Justice T.M. Adedipe
Justice A.E. Akeredolu.
Judges from Oyo state
Justice G.A. Sunmonu
Justice O.M. Fadeyi
Justice E.O. Ajayi
Justice M.L. Owolabi
Justice M.I. Sule
Justice L.A. Ganiyu
Justice B.A. Taiwo
Justice O.A. Adetujoye

Judges from Kwara state
Justice A.A. Adebara
Justice A.S. Halima
Justice A. Gegele
Justice F.D. Lawal
Justice J.Z. Umar
Justice M.A. Oniye
Mrs O.I. Olabisi
Justice K. Abdul-Latif
Judges from Imo state
Justice L.C. Azuama
Justice K.A. Ojiako
Justice B.C. Iheka
Justice S.I. Okpara
Justice V.I Onyeka
Justice E.N. Eke
Justice K.A Leweanya
Justice J.I. Obichere
Judges from Bayelsa state
Justice J.B. Egele
Justice TY Abasi

Judges from the Federal Capital Territory High Court
Justice M.E. Anenih
Justice O.A. Adeniyi
Justice A.I. Kutigi
Justice A.O. Otaluka
Justice Y Halilu
Justice A.O. Ebong
Justice B. Hassan
Justice E. Enenche
Justice A.S. Usman.

Judges from the Federal High Court
Justice A.A. Okeke
Justice M.A. Onytenu
Justice H.R.A. Shagari
Justice J.O. Abdulmalik

Judges from the National Industrial Court
Justice I.S. Galadima
Justice S.H. Danjidda
Justice K.D. Damuak
2023 presidential election results: APC chieftain says Peter Obi will lose in court
Meanwhile, Jamiu Julius Adebayo, an Ondo state-based All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain, has said Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate, cannot win in court.

He said:

“The entire gamut of Peter Obi’s petition is fraught with confusion and inexistent prayers. The matter of BVAS real-time transmission has been dealt with by the federal high court who’s ruled that INEC has the power to determine what and how modes of transmission would take.”

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