Cheapest Airtel data packages: costs and promo codes

Airtel is one of the largest telecommunications and internet service providers in Africa. The company has transformed since its inception in 2004, changing names several times. One of the reasons for its popularity is affordable tariffs with internet services for its customers. If you are an Airtel user, these are the cheapest Airtel data plans, prices, and subscription codes.

Internet has become a need in today’s world rather than a luxury. It is, therefore, important as a user to find the cheap internet bundles for your day-to-day needs. Here is everything you need to know about the cheapest Airtel data plans, their prices and codes.

How to buy cheap Airtel data plans

Everyone is looking for cheap data, and the Airtel has some of the best plans. It is simple to purchase as you only need the registration code which is *141#. You can buy these bundles on your mobile device as long as you have an Airtel line.

Cheapest Airtel data plan: best options

Purchasing data bundles can be exciting when it is affordable. The company has provided all its customers with affordable cheap Airtel data plans. Here is a list of Airtel bundles with value, price and duration.

Daily/weekly data plans

Airtel network has other bundle offers valid either daily or weekly. As a user, you can purchase the one you like with the amount you have. To subscribe to this options, follow these steps.

  • Dial this USSD code *141#.
  • Select the best data package for you below.
Price Bundles Validity USSD Code
N50 40MB 1 Day *141*50#
N100 100MB 1 Day *141*100#
N200 200MB 3 Days *141*200#
N300 1GB 1 Day *141*354#
N300 350MB 7 Days *141*300#
N500 750MB 14 Days *141*500#
N500 1GB 7 Days *141*502#
N500 2GB 2 Days *141*504#
N1500 6GB 7 Days *141*1504#

Monthly data plans

Airtel offers affordable monthly bundles for people who prefer to pay monthly. This is also a great option for small offices and business. Below is a list of Airtel’s cheap data plan offers for 30 days and subscription their codes. All of them also include extra perks, like additional data for YouTube Night, Spotify, TikTok, and Airtel TV Streaming. Keep in mind that these are only the most affordable plans. For the full list, please refer to the official Airtel website.

Price Bundles Subscription code
N1,000 1.5GB *141*1000#
N1,200 2GB *141*1200#
N1,500 3GB *141*1500#

Everyday-ON Plans

Everyday-ON Plan is one of the Airtel cheapest data plan you can get if you want to browse on a budget. It is made to ensure users are connected every day and have the data bundles are valid for 30 days. Below are the two options on the Everyday-ON Plan.

Price Bundles Subscription code
N3,000 15GB – 500MB Everyday for 30 days *141*3002#
N6,000 45GB – 1.5GB Everyday for 30 days *141*6002#

Mega Packs

All Mega Packs are for heavy internet consumers and usually last 30 days. These bundle offers are worth your money if you need more than the regular packages mentioned above. See below the list of Airtel cheap data under the Mega Packs offer and their subscription codes.

Price Data bundles Subscription code
N5,000 20GB *141*5000#
N8,000 30GB *141*8000#
N10,000 40GB *141*10000#
N15,000 75GB *141*15000#
N20,000 120GB *141*20000#

Super Binge Data plans

This bundle offer is best for heavy internet users. It is the cheapest for users who love downloading movies or watching TV shows on their mobile phone. Those who attend online classes can also buy these bundles too. You also get 1 hour of free YouTube daily.

To subscribe, dial *141# and select the Super Binge Plan you want. Below are the cheapest options on the Super Binge Data Bundles on the Airtel network.

Price (Naira) Bundles Validity Subscription code
N500 Super Binge N500 2GB 2 Days *141*514#
N1,500 Super Binge N1500 6GB 7 Days *141*1514#
N300 Binge N300 1GB 1 Day *141*354#
N500 Binge N500 2GB 2 Days *141*504#
N1,500 Binge N1500 6GB 7 Day *141*1504#

Social plans

This option is for people who spend a good amount of their day on social media. It offers affordable bundle rates for social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. See below the available options under Social Plans.

Price Bundles Validity Platforms Subscription code
N25 20MB 1 Day WhatsApp only *948*4#
N50 40MB 1 Day Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp *991*4#
N100 200MB 5 Days Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp *688*3#
N300 700MB 25 Days Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp *688*1#

What is the cheapest Airtel data plan in Nigeria?

The cheapest Airtel data plan is 1.5GB, which goes for N1000. It is valid for 30 days and is best for users who like to spend time online.

The availability of cheap data plans has connected many people to the internet. Airtel telecommunication has been at the forefront in ensuring all its users have internet access by offering cheap bundles. The above is a list of the cheapest Airtel data plans you can choose from.

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