Charly Boy issues out Apologizes for Insensitive Post on Tinubu’s Fall, Stresses Importance of Empathy

Charly Boy issues out Apologizes for Insensitive Post on Tinubu's Fall, Stresses Importance of EmpathyThe veteran acknowledged a prior ignorant remark on Instagram on June 12, 2024, stressing that everyone makes errors occasionally. This was published by Pulse Nigeria. “Raise your hand if you’ve never messed up. Everybody has erred occasionally, made mistakes, and learned how to fix themselves. Even the noble and brave Peter Obi is prone to error.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He acknowledged the lack of empathy in his earlier post and apologized for it, saying, “But e be like say millions of Nigerians no get any kind of empathy for dis APC rulers because they feel badly robbed. Robbed of the people’s choice! I am sorry if my previous post lacked sensitivity.

“However, I support a president wey no go mistep, not just climbing on to the stage. Tinubu’s misstep on and especially off stage is a source of concern to millions of Nigerians. How can we as citizens help correct these missteps?” he added.

On June 12, footage captured President Tinubu arriving at Eagle Square in Abuja for Democracy Day celebrations. Shortly after, he missed his step and fell on the presidential truck.

This incident triggered various reactions across social media, including from Charly Boy. Initially, Charly Boy posted the video of Tinubu’s fall with the caption, “The slip/Fall of Tinubu. E don fall pass Naira?”

However, this post attracted backlash from followers who considered it ‘insensitive.’

Charly Boy’s latest Instagram post aimed to address and apologize for the previous comment. He highlighted that everyone makes errors, including respected figures like Peter Obi, and noted that many Nigerians feel a lack of empathy for the current APC rulers due to a sense of being robbed of their choice.

Despite this, he stressed the need for a president who avoids missteps, not only physically but also in governance. He called on citizens to consider how they might help correct these missteps, acknowledging that his earlier post might have lacked the necessary sensitivity.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>