Charles Nwekeaku:”Has This Old National Anthem Put Food On Tables Of Nigerians?”

Charles Nwekeaku:"Has This Old National Anthem Put Food On Tables Of Nigerians?"The 10th National Assembly has come under fire from renowned political analyst Prof. Charles Nwekeaku, who claims that their sole achievement is the revival of the former national hymn, “Nigeria, We Hail Thee.” In view of the current problems in Nigeria, Nwekeaku expressed his extreme dissatisfaction with the legislative body’s objectives in a video that AIT released.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The remarks made by Nwekeaku coincide with a period of extreme hardship in Nigeria, including rampant hunger and skyrocketing rates of joblessness. He wondered how the national anthem is applicable and efficient in light of the pressing issues facing Nigeria.

In his words, “The only major achievement I think they have made is reintroducing the old national anthem at a time when Nigerians are dying of hunger and suffering from unemployment.”

“And so my question is: has this old national anthem they have reintroduced put food on the tables of Nigerians?”

Nwekeaku emphasized that the government must concentrate on practical solutions that have an immediate effect on people’s lives.

He said that the symbolic actions taken by the National Assembly are insufficient to ease the everyday hardships that ordinary Nigerians endure.

“At a time when our country is facing significant challenges, the priority should be on creating jobs, ensuring food security, and improving living conditions. These are the real issues that need urgent attention, not the reintroduction of an old anthem.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>