Bulkachuwa’s remarks astonished Ahmad Lawan as well, which is why he briefed him—Monday Ubani

Senator Adamu Bulkachuwa’s remarks surprised Ahmad Lawan as well, according to Dr. Monday Ubani, chair of the NBA section on Public Interest and Development Law, which is why he had to cut him off.

When Oseni Rufai said that the NJC chose to remain silent in response to what Bulkachuwa claimed, Ubani made the remark during an appearance with Arise News for the Morning Show program on Monday. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Remember that Adamu Bulkachuwa recently claimed in the Senate that he interfered with his wife Zainab Bulkachuwa’s job as the president of the appeals court on the side of his friend.

Ubani stated on Monday,

Bulkachuwa stated, “I’m sure the president of the Senate, Ahmad Lawal, was also shocked with what he said and coming out of a member of his chamber, from his house, that is why he had to cut him short and say what are you saying.”…… Continue Your Reading

According to Monday Ubani, Bulkachuwa’s declaration is an uninvited confessional statement of what took place in his and his wife Zainab Bulkachuwa’s bedrooms.

He claimed that the IGP and other security agencies have been asked to intervene by the NBA President since everyone, including the judiciary, was astonished.

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