Buhari is not the kind of person who supports others. Former Minister

A former minister of Petroleum, Umaru Dembo recently claimed that ex-president, Muhammadu Buhari is not the type of person that helps people. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Naija News understands that Dembo made this claim during an interview with Daily Trust.

According to Dembo, despite knowing Buhari since 2003, he met with the ex-president when he was in power and he did not act on his requests.

Describing the scenario, Dembo noted that at a time he met with Buhari his proposals and those of his friends and Buhari did nothing about it.

Adding to his experience when he met Buhari, he said it was more like he met a rock.

Dembo when asked what he has benefited from knowing Buhari over the years said, “Right from the beginning I was the one who established the nucleus of his campaign, of his support groups, I was the first to introduce the support groups and we worked very hard.”

Speaking on who funded the campaign groups, he said, “I was making it myself, getting to people and making sure that they understood what they would do and they would give us. Some gave us furniture, some houses, whatever, and nothing from him.”

He added that despite his support for Buhari, the ex-president gave him nothing.

Dembo said, “Won’t you feel left out if it were you? I think it is not fair, and with my age, I cannot go begging anybody, and so I did not beg him or tell him or ask him.”

When asked if he protested he said, “To whom, to him? If he didn’t want to give me anything and he refused to give me anything, to whom will I protest? He was the president.

“He even called me at a time. I went to him, and all I did innocently was to go with some proposals for myself or my friends or some other people. He did nothing. It was just as if I didn’t see anybody, as if I met a rock.

“He is not the kind of man that supports anybody, even at that time when he was looking for the presidency, he was looking for money, didn’t we pay, buy cards for him, to pay for his own contest; he didn’t give me support.”…… Continue Your Reading

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