Breaking: Reno Omokri Narrates How The Unruly “Obidients” Abused Him As He Continues To Drag Obi Over Leaked Audio

“I Was Attacked By The Obidients For Claiming Religion Should Not Be Mixing With Politics” According to Reno OmokriReno Omokri the People Democratic Party chieftain has narrated what he suffered at the hands of Peter Obi’s unruly, uncouth supporters before and after the presidential election.

Reno Omokri stuck with his party flagbearer, Atiku Abubakar who emerged second in the presidential election with over 6.9 million votes……CONTINUE READING

“These Obidients are funny. They are now asking me to take it easy on Mr. Yes Daddy! When you were insulting me, and using your agents to post photos of my underaged child, and putting on petitions for me to be banned, E dey sweet una. But Yes Daddy dey pain una abi?”.

“What did I not suffer in the hands of Obidients? Death threats, cyberbullying, threats on my one-year-old baby, fake documents released against me, using a fame-hungry Obidient journalist to threaten me to my brother. Now, they want me to take it easy on Yes Daddy?”.

“Obidients should go back and look at the prayer I prayed here with tears in my eyes the day that fame-hungry journalist posted photos of my then one-year-old baby. I said your Obi and your movement will end in disgrace. Mine exacts words. Did I lie? Yes, Daddy people!”.

“Any singer, artiste, musician, or skit maker, looking for a hit should simply release a Yes Daddy single, video, or skit, and blow! It is just so hilarious. The man is a simp posing as a leader and that video just outed him in a way that nobody could!”.

“As from today, if any Obidient insults you, threatens you, or cyber bullies you, simply respond with… Yes Daddy!”.

“Let me repeat myself for emphasis: With effect from today, if any Obidient insults, threatens, blackmails, maligns, or cyber bullies you, don’t get angry or react. In a cool, calm and collected manner, simply respond with… Yes Daddy!”.

“No human beings on Earth suffered from Obidients like my family and I. There is no dirty thing that they did not do to me and my family. A local proverb says ‘first to do, e no dey pain’. Hmm! As e dey pain dem e dey sweet us. As è dey sweet us e dey pain dem!”.

“The challenge with Obidients is that they lack a culture of respect that restrains them from alienating others, and a conservative religion that makes them fear God. And as long as that is the case, they will continue going through life alienating those they need”, Reno Omokri said.

Recall that during the presidential campaign every politician, religious leader, traditional leader, entertainer, and influencer that was not Peter Obi, a Labour Party member, or supporting Obi was dragged, insulted, and abused physically, mentally and spiritually by the “Obidients”.

Through out the campaign season their principal, Peter Obi saw it but never addressed such behaviour because he taught it was going to help him win.

The propaganda and fake news all over the internet with regards to presidential election is by the “Obidients”. People’s Gazette were the best blog for months because PG propaganda and fake news were siding “Obidients”, with the release of leaked audio by same publisher they started dragging and tagging the blog “fake news merchant”.

Now it is propaganda vs propaganda, fake news vs fake news amongst the three parties APC, PDP and LP until they successfully burn down the country…….CONTINUE READING


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