BREAKING NEWS: Smart Lady Gets Canada Visa without Using Agent, Flaunts Her Passport in Video

  • A hardworking Nigerian lady has inspired netizens on the TikTok app with her successful visa story
  • In a video posted via her account, she revealed how her visa application first got denied after going through an agent. CONTINUE READING>>>>>
  • Fortunately, she decided to do the entire process by herself the next time and it was quickly approved for her

A lady with the handle @fummypearl2 on TikTok has shared her inspiring journey after obtaining a Canada visa.

The proud lady happily announced that she successfully obtained her Canada visa and encouraged others to do their applications without an agent.

Lady gets Canada visa without help of agent
Photo credit: @fummypearl2/TikTok.Source: TikTok

She said;

“I got my Canada visa. This is your sign to do your application yourself like I did mine. Follow me on this journey as I will share tips that can help you.”

Funmi narrates her experience after securing Canadian Visa

In another post, Funmi detailed the timeline of her visa application process.

She reported that she initially submitted her Canada study visa application through an agent in December 2022. However, her application was refused in March 2023.

Undeterred, Funmi took matters into her own hands after conducting three months of research. In July 2023, she successfully applied for the visa herself.

She eagerly submitted her passport, which was stamped and returned to her on July 26, 2023.

Finally, on August 19, 2023, Funmi embarked on her travel day, ready to begin her new adventure in Canada.

In her words;

“Dec 12 2022 submitted my Canada study visa through an agent, March 12023. My application got refused. June 10, decided to apply myself after doing research for 3 months, July 2023 Application got approved

“Submitted my passport. July 26 2023 Got back my stamped passport. August 19 2023. Travel day.”

Reactions as lady shares her joy after securing Canada Visa

Through her TikTok posts, Funmi aimed to inspire and encourage others to take control of their visa application process.

@oiei enahoro reacted:

“Help me and guide me on this journey pray.”

@Darlene said:


“YouTube link?”

@Treasureekeii said:

“How will I apply.”

@Naomi commented:


@Adejoke1 reacted:


&Rayfarhz Unofficial pundit said:

“Please what was the approximate amount on your bank statement or proof of funds? or any other important document?”

@emmanuellawise reacted:

“Congrats dear. Can you please teach me how you got your bank statement and how much was required.”

@user3500877813218 commented:

“Pls how much did you use as your proof of funds?”

@Lucky_Jay said:

“How did vou work it out.”

Watch the video below:

Lady shares fast ways to get a Canada visa approved

Meanwhile, THETALK.NG previously reported that a woman identified as @oghenetejiriemuvey on TikTok has shared an informative video for netizens wishing to relocate to Canada. Her video provided valuable insights into three methods for obtaining a Canadian visa within a remarkably short timeframe of two weeks.

Her tips offered hope and guidance to individuals seeking expedited visa approval. Oghene advised viewers to utilise the new portal provided by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) rather than relying on the old portal. The second method she suggested was promptly sending a webform and physical mail to the IRCC office immediately after submitting the visa application.

She insisted that by contacting the IRCC through these channels, applicants can provide additional information or explain urgent circumstances, such as attending a sibling’s wedding in Canada. CONTINUE READING>>>>>


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