BREAKING NEWS: Onaiyekan Said. “It is no surprise Tinubu has failed to perform well.”

BREAKING NEWS: Onaiyekan Said. Cardinal John Onaiyekan, the Archbishop Emeritus of Abuja, has stated that he was surprised that the Federal Government led by President Bola Tinubu has not been able to “perform well” since it came into office on May 29, adding that all is not well with the country. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Onaiyekan, who made these remarks on Saturday at the 10th Convention of the Catholic Men Organisation, Lagos Archdiocese, held at St. Gregory’s College, Ikoyi, urged Nigerians to pray for the country, noting that the ‘relative peace’ presently enjoyed in the nation must not be taken for granted.

In his sermon theme, “Fan into flames the gift of God which is in you”, Onaiyekan said, “It is not surprising that the so-called victorious new government has not been able to perform well and has not been able to actually muster the trust and cooperation of the vast majority of the people of Nigeria”.

In his remarks on the Presidential Elections Petition Tribunal, Onaiyekan said all eyes were still on the judiciary.

He said, “Will the courts decide that the election was correct and okay, or will the courts arrive at the conclusion, which many people have already arrived at even from the very beginning, that this election result as declared is not tenable?

“The delay in the courts giving judgement is itself a pity. As they say, ’Justice delayed is justice denied’. But we will still wait until the courts pass their judgement.

“We have to accept whatever the Supreme Court decides, whether we like it or not. This is because there is no other human recourse after the Supreme Court. We will have to leave everything in the hands of God,” he added. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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