BREAKING NEWS: North’s Regrettable Decision: Supporting Tinubu

BREAKING NEWS: North’s Regrettable Decision: Supporting TinubuThe Northern leaders made a grave error by throwing their support behind Tinubu, a decision they now deeply regret. Tinubu cunningly deceived them, pretending to be incapacitated and unintelligible, as if his mental faculties were impaired. The Northern leaders bought into this act, assuming that Tinubu would be unable to wield any influence, allowing them to take control. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

However, once the elections were over, Tinubu suddenly transformed, discarding his previous incoherent demeanor. He started taking decisive actions against Northern leaders. He first cast El Rufai aside, then eliminated fuel subsidies, leading to a significant rise in fuel prices in the North. He also replaced Northerners in key positions with individuals from his own ethnic group, affecting sectors like Customs and petroleum.

Tinubu even appointed a Southerner as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), demonstrating that Abuja is a national asset, unlike the past when it was primarily controlled by Northerners. Strikingly, Tinubu’s decision diverged from his stance in Lagos, where he retained control for the Yoruba community. In essence, Lagos is considered Yoruba territory, while Abuja is seen as a neutral ground. Tinubu not only appointed a Southerner but also selected an individual perceived as unconventional—a “mad man” who recently seized and destroyed over 500 motorcycles, primarily owned by Northerners.

Furthermore, another Yoruba figure closely aligned with Tinubu openly advocated for Nigeria’s restructuring, echoing sentiments similar to Nnamdi Kanu, the prominent secessionist leader currently in custody. Many Northern leaders find themselves in a state of uncertainty, unsure of how to confront the monster they once nurtured, but that is now turning against them. Their last hope appears to be the tribunal, as they seek a way out of their predicament. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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