BREAKING NEWS: Nigerians stuck in the UK after sending all of their savings to Japan

Numerous Nigerians in the United Kingdom find themselves facing destitution, hunger, and unemployment after entrusting significant sums of money to travel agents for the promise of a better life abroad.CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Several individuals who spoke anonymously revealed their plight to Sky News, stating that they had paid travel agents for skilled worker visas in the UK, only to discover that the promised job opportunities were non-existent.

Amid scenes of desperation and frustration, one victim, standing in a narrow corridor outside a food bank, shared her distressing experience. Despite being assured of a job, she found herself destitute in the UK…… Continue Your Reading

Another woman recounted her journey to the UK, having paid £10,000 to a referred “agent” in Nigeria to secure a job. However, upon her arrival, she realized that the job she had been assured of did not exist.

Recounting her ordeal, the victim said, “I’ve always provided for myself. I’m a very hard-working, diligent person. So for me to be here depending on people to eat coming to the food bank to get food isn’t ok with me.

“I don’t feel happy about it. It makes me feel I’m less of a person. I should be in a position of helping not receiving aid because this is not who I was back in my country. It makes me feel as though I’m a fool,” she said.

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