[Breaking News] Nigerians respond as Peter Obi prepares to appeal Tinubu’s victory to the Supreme Court

[Breaking News] Nigerians respond as Peter Obi prepares to appeal Tinubu's victory to the Supreme CourtCandidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 presidential election, Peter Obi, has vowed to challenge the victory of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the Supreme Court as he could not get justice at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Naija News had earlier reported that the presidential tribunal on Wednesday, September 6, struck out Obi’s petition against President Tinubu and affirmed the declaration of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on the outcome of the February 25 poll.

Obi had sought to be declared the winner of the presidential election, seeking Tinubu’s disqualification on several grounds, which were, however, dismissed yesterday by the Tribunal.

Speaking during a press conference in Onitsha, Anambra State, on Thursday (today), Obi vowed not to back down in seeking justice.

The former Governor insisted that he would appeal the verdict of the presidential tribunal.

Obi’s latest submission has, however, generated a barrage of reactions on social media, X (Twitter) particularly.

See some of the reactions below:
@arebazz wrote – “Sir, just rest. You have tried your best. The country has failed you, but you have witnesses to bear that you did your best, wrote a netizen, [@arebazz], as

“Trying any further will just be a waste of time and resources. Which court will give the second judgement in your Favour when they all corrupt? I just hope they don’t do to you what they did to MKO, Funmilayo, Saro Wiwa, Dele Giwa etc. You have tried your best. The Lord is your strength.

@bashanthoni – “This is getting out of hand, can we just relax and allow tinubu to be president and look for a way to move forward together? I’m obedient, but I feel the present administration won’t move forward or make much impact if there continue to be cases here and there.

@iamjshadow1 – “Nobody should come for me ooo but Peter don try, and he shouldn’t stress himself again, make all of us suffer am together, since some people don decide to dey mumu their self.

@insanespotter – “As long as donations still they enter this, people won’t give up. The only way they will stop is when those that are funding this movement stop donating.

@Gunnerboyyyy – “Your followers are failing u sir. They’re comfortable in their demise. U said this yourself ‘ if a mad man takes something from u, u have to behave as a madman or more crazy to get it back’ They’re sitting in the comfort of their homes. You’ve done your part when u really didn’t have to. It’s on the people now and they’ve shown to be very WEAK.

@Yeboahbonsu5 – “I will advise him to just give up… and wait for next four years. Dragging this issue won’t do him any good and also he will be seen as man of brutishness among Nigerians. He should just act as a state man and accept the verdict of the Judges in good faith!!PEACE PEACE Mr. Obi.

@ichiBACK1 – “Peter OBI should rest already…for real..this is getting really irritating.

@Israel73873254 –Na who dey advise this man. Him lawyers just Dey chop him money. You try e no work leave am to God.

@Ojemeh – “Instead of you to collect the money, you paid unlearned lawyers. Just pay the fines by the PEPC before you file your appeal at the Supreme Court.

@Yousaseef11 – “This man go still loose. His petitions against BAT are nonsense like him. Obi is the most foolish and ungrateful politician in Nigeria. Very dull guy.

@BrixxOtg – “This man never knows Nigerians. See all of them dey shout rest 🤣. Nigerians wen fit buy agege bread for 3k and still dey smile. Obi thinks say the people deserve him effort. Ur pipo don sha say make you rest. Na ur miscalculation brings us here in the first place.

@Belly1610 – “Will still be the same outcome. You don’t build any case at the Supreme Court; you only tell the court that the lower court ruled wrongly based on the evidence presented.

The evidence so far presented do not point to anyone coming, but someone staying!

@dreal_prosper – “I just wish Obi could just give it up because these people just want to stress him, and they’ll never give up the mandate.

“Collecting power is not easy, oh, and tinubu is a free giver; he’ll buy everybody.

@Dr_statesman – “So is only arise that came with one bamboo microphone for his world press briefing. Tinubu made a lengthy speech on the tribunal judgement without a single piece of paper, but the hero beer lord had to glue his face to paper from start to end else he would spew rubbish.

@asibinta – “As he should. What happened at the PEPC was nothing short of a hatchet job, and every sane Nigerian who is familiar with how the elections went and the abominable conduct of the INEC should know that the court delivered a miscarriage of justice.

I stand firmly with Peter Obi.

@Timtoye_ “Well, I think he’s got to stay relevant and not fizzle out just like that from political discussion in other to keep the momentum of the Obidient movements for the next election, plus the traffic and the impression keeps going on and on.” CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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