BREAKING NEWS: Nigerian lady shares answers to question that can lead to deportation in Canada

BREAKING NEWS: Nigerian lady shares answers to question that can lead to deportation in Canada

  • A Nigerian woman has shared some crucial questions that could lead to deportation in Canada if not answered carefully
  • She said that people who come to Canada with a visitor visa should be wary of being asked if they would take up jobs while they are here. CONTINUE READING>>>>>
  • She explained that such a question is often a trap to find out if one is here for a visit or wants to stay and work permanently

A Nigerian woman has revealed some of the tricky questions that immigration officers in Canada might ask visitors and how to answer them correctly.

She warned that people who enter Canada with a visitor visa should be careful not to indicate that they intend to work or settle in the country, as this would violate their visa conditions and could result in deportation.

Nigerian lady was candid about things to avoid during questioning. Photo credit: TikTok/@glowwriyahSource: TikTok

She said that one of visitors’ common questions is whether they would accept a job offer if they were presented with one while in Canada.

Nigerian lady gives details about Canada visa

She explained that this question is often a way of testing if the visitor has a genuine reason for coming to Canada or if they are using the visitor visa to enter the country and then finding a way to stay permanently.

She advised that the best way to answer this question is to firmly say no, as saying yes would imply that the visitor plans to work illegally or change their immigration status without proper authorization. It can lead to serious issues which include immediate deportation from Canada.

Watch the video below:

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