BREAKING NEWS: Niger Junta Said. “We Wont Exceed 3yrs In Power, But Any Form Of Intervention Wont Be A Walk In The Park.”

Abdourahamane Tchiani, the head of the Niger Junta, has declared that their term in office will not go longer than three years. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

This was said in a recent speech he gave that was shown on television.

It is no longer news that since Abdourahamane Tchiani and his troops ousted president Muhammed Bazoum, there have been series of conversation from around the world

Moreso, it would be recalled that since the coup was perpetrated in Niger Republic, the Economic Community Of West Africa State, ECOWAS, has been making effort to reinstall Bazoum as the president

However, Tchiani has now stated that the military Junta does not have the intention to hold on to power for so long

He said that after three years, there will be transition of power. He however stated that in a case where military intervention is deployed, it won’t be a walk in the park

According to PUNCH NEWSPAPER ” we won’t Exceed power before we handover but in a case where there is military intervention, it will never be a walk in the park “CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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