BREAKING: How Yahaya Bello Met Secondary School Mate along Lokoja-Abuja Road

BREAKING: How Yahaya Bello Met Secondary School Mate along Lokoja-Abuja RoadFate smiled on one Mr. Babawako Adamu on a Friday morning when his secondary school mate and Governor of Kogi State, Alh. Yahaya Bello ran into him at a gridlock along Lokoja-Abuja road. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The fateful encounter, as narrated by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Onogwu Muhammed, occurred at Gada-biu village along the express where Babawako lives as a peasant farmer.

The Abuja-bound convoy of the Governor was “halted abruptly by an unexpected barricade. A crane truck, attempting to pull off an accident-stricken tanker also got stuck, creating a complete gridlock at a village called Gada Biu, along Abuja-Lokoja road. An unfortunate twist of fate had rendered the crane inoperable, ensnaring the road within its reach.”

The Governor has come down from his vehicle to survey thr situation when his eyes caught on Adamu, his mate at the Government Secondary School, Suleja.

The CPS narrated that Governor Bello “took a step closer as if following an invisible thread of connection. ‘Adamu,’ he called out, the syllables holding the weight of recognition and surprise,

“The now-identified figure replied, ‘Yes, Your Excellency. It’s me, Adamu Babawako from GSS Suleja.”

“In that exchange, a universe of memories rekindled.’ You were in Abuja house,’” the governor reminisced, and Adamu affirmed, ‘Yes, Your Excellency. You were in Keffi House. You were my senior, Sir.’

“I have been living and farming in this very village. I was once informed that you are the Governor of Kogi State. I said one day God will make me see you, Your Excellency,” Adamu said.

The CPS went on to state how blessed Adamu became that day, even though with little specific details on that part of the reunion.

He added that “Adamu, who only had the battery of his dead phone in his pocket was also gifted a mobile phone by one of the Governor’s aides.” CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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