Bolaji Akinyemi:”While Watching It, I Totally Detested Trump; He Had That Cynical Look On His Face”

Bolaji Akinyemi:"While Watching It, I Totally Detested Trump; He Had That Cynical Look On His Face"Former Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs Bolaji Akinyemi bemoaned having to choose between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden and expressed sympathy for the US president. Arise News reported on Friday that Akinyemi discussed his opinions on the presidential debate between Biden and Trump, expressing displeasure in Biden’s performance and criticizing Trump’s actions.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Akinyemi strongly condemned Trump, describing his cynical look and behavior during the debate.

He said, “While watching it, I totally detested Trump; he had that cynical look on his face.”

He also sympathized with Biden, acknowledging his speech difficulties and noting that his speaking style was shaped by his upbringing.

Expressing his sympathy for Biden, he said, “He is a stammerer, he was taught how to speak, and that affects the way he speaks. The optics of Joe Biden’s looks were terrible; I admit that he looked lost; but the way he speaks is the way he was taught.”

He said that despite this, he believes Biden could have performed better in challenging Trump, particularly on his relationships with dictators like Putin, the Chinese, and the North Koreans.

He said, “Trump practically avoided every question he was asked and twisted everything back to question of illegal immigrants.”

Speaking during the interview with Arise News, the former minister agreed with public opinion that Biden lost the debate, but also defended Kamala Harris, attributing her performance to the assignments given by the president.

He said, “If she does a lousy job, it’s because she has been given a lousy assignment.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>