Bola Tinubu’s Wife Said They Don’t Need Nigeria’s Money, Their Residence Is In Abuja– According to Solomon Dalung

Bola Tinubu's Wife Said They Don't Need Nigeria's Money, Their Residence Is In Abuja– According to Solomon DalungThe former Minister of Youth and Sports, Hon. Solomon Dalung, has stated that he agrees with the Organized Labor Union’s minimum wage demand. Dalung emphasized the discrepancy between government spending and the standard of living for typical Nigerians, characterizing their demand as just and reasonable.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a recent report by Punch, Dalung criticized President Tinubu for budgeting large amounts of money for personal expenses despite public statements by Tinubu’s wife asserting that they do not need Nigeria’s money. Dalung pointed out the inconsistency between such statements and the lavish spending observed in the government.

He argued that the demands made by the Labour Union are not excessive, especially when juxtaposed with the opulent lifestyles of some government officials. Dalung suggested that the government could meet these demands by reducing unnecessary expenses and prioritizing workers’ welfare.

Dalung further recommended that President Tinubu could start by cutting down the size of his cabinet as a measure to reduce the cost of governance. This, he believes, would not only save money but also set a precedent for a more austere and responsible approach to managing public funds.

He urged President Tinubu to take inspiration from former President Buhari’s example in managing government expenses. According to Dalung, demonstrating a commitment to cost-cutting at the highest levels of government would strengthen the case for asking Labour to moderate their demands.

Hear him: “When you look at the President whose wife said they don’t need Nigeria’s money, his residence is in Abuja, and he is budgeting billions of naira for personal expenses.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>