Bode George:”Why is it that our own top banker in Nigeria are wealthier than top bankers in Britain?”


Former military governor of Ondo State Bode George has questioned how wealthy Nigerian top bankers are in comparison to British ones.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Speaking in a video shared by Channels TV, Bode George questioned why Nigerian bankers seem to be much richer than their counterparts in British banks like Barclays and Lloyds. He wondered what top bankers in Nigeria manufacturer that gives them so much wealth. George made this statement while criticizing the inclusion of certain bankers in Tinubu’s economic advisory panel.

In Chief Bode George’s words: “You have now brought them back to be your advisers, what are they going to talk to you about? What do they manufacture in the banks? Why is it that our own top banker in Nigeria are so much wealthier than people you find here (Britain) as managing directors of Barclays Banks, Llyods Banks and all kinds of banks here”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>