Billionaire, Blord invites few persons to his wedding ceremony, Nigerian Reacts

Not many people were invited to the wedding of popular Nigerian billionaire, businessman, and entrepreneur Linus William, better known as Blord, and his true love, Dr. Linus Francisca. “Now legally sealed in heaven,” was the description that the well-known billionaire placed beside a video clip he posted of him and his spouse saying wedding vows inside a church. The post caused a huge sensation among the public. To view the video, click the link below.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>



The above video captured the moment when Blord and his wife were joined together in holy matrimony by a reverend father, they both seem really excited judging from the smile they wore on their faces.

The wedding wasn’t as loud as many people expected it to be and the number of person’s who were in attendance was just few. Recall that over the last couple of weeks, we have witnessed some mouthwatering wedding ceremony like that of Sharon Ooja and Davido but Blord decided to take a different route.

Blord is a renowned Billionaire who have several millions to his name, he’s capable of throwing a huge wedding ceremony but he decided not to, the ceremony was attended strictly by family members and close friends and that’s absolutely amazing.

Recall that five years ago, the Bill Point CEO tied the knot with the love of his life, Dr Linus Francisca traditionally, they have finally being joined together in holy matrimony before the lord and that’s absolutely amazing. Below are screenshots of some of the reactions from the general public.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>