BIG STORY: Obaseki Finally Cremates Shaibu, Allegedly Relocates Him From Government House

BIG STORY: Obaseki Finally Cremates Shaibu, Allegedly Relocates Him From Government HouseObaseki Finally Cremates Shaibu, Allegedly Relocates Him From Government House

Mr. Patrick, a stand-up comedian, made a tremendous internet impression a few years ago. When he created a music video to promote his musical endeavours, he got worldwide recognition…CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The setting was placed in an affluent restaurant and bar, where he was joined by a company of skillful dancers, some lovely young ladies, and a bottle of the high-end Ace of Spades champagne was seen with the lovely ladies as they danced to the song’s rhythm.

While he was performing his song, a pivotal moment occurred when one of the girls unexpectedly uncorked the Champagne bottle. This action marked the onset of his troubles. As soon as he heard the distinctive pop of the Champagne cork, he abruptly halted his performance, bewildered by the unexpected interruption.

Upon realizing that the Champagne had been popped, he burst into tears and exclaimed, “You Pop The Champagne?” and repeated, “Dem No Dey Pop Am !” multiple times in frustration.

In summary, this incident led to Mr. Patrick working as a bartender in the lounge for a month to settle the cost of the drink.

Philip Shaibu, the deputy governor of Edo State, should never have dragged his master, Obaseki, to court. He should not have initiated legal action prematurely, akin to popping the champagne too early. As a consequence, the situation has intensified, and Philip has found himself relegated to the role of a “bartender” at the government house in Benin City.

A viral image is circulating, showcasing Philip Shaibu’s recently assigned office on Dennis Osadebay Avenue. It appears to resemble a location one might associate with individuals undergoing rehabilitation, almost reminiscent of a dungeon. In front of this space, there is a signboard that identifies it as the Deputy Governor’s Office.

If these reports circulating widely on the internet are indeed accurate, the level of humiliation being endured by a serving Deputy Governor appears to be overwhelmingly severe. It appears that Obaseki has effectively marginalized him.

In retrospect, he should not have gone to court with Obaseki. Given Philip’s current trajectory, Obaseki is set to make him into a target for ridicule, potentially causing psychological pain to the Deputy Governor. His circumstance might be used in a variety of funny situations, making him the centre of attention.

Experiencing rejection from one’s community can cause emotional pain, lower self-esteem, and lead to social isolation, resulting in a profound sense of loss and negative self-perception.

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Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the Chairman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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