Benue State:Defects to APC, Sankera Endorses Alia for 2027

Benue State:Defects to APC, Sankera Endorses Alia for 2027During Governor Hyacinth Aliya’s statewide appreciation tour, over 4,400 members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and other political parties in Benue State defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC) in a tremendous display of solidarity. There were defections in Adikpo and Katsina-Ala. The governor pledged to combat instability and build infrastructure while thanking the populace for their support.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

According to daily post news, His Royal Highness Solomon Wombo, representing Katsina-Ala/Ukum/Logo Federal Constituency, spoke on behalf of his constituents, saying he had never seen a governor in the state achieve so much in such a short time in his tenure.

Governor Aliya thanked the people of Katsina-Ala/Ukum/Logo Federal Constituency for the overwhelming support that contributed to his victory in the last general elections. He reiterated his government’s determination to return all internally displaced persons displaced by attacks by armed herders to their ancestral homes so they can continue with their normal lives.

The governor also addressed the issue of security, stressing that it is not the sole responsibility of the government. He called on the people to support the government in freeing the state from attacks. To develop the area, he encouraged the people to form cooperatives that would receive agricultural inputs and other benefits from the government.

Announcing the signing of the contract for the construction of the Sankera-Tito-Verse road, the governor said he had reached out to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to assist in the construction of further road networks in Sankera.

He assured the people that the President had generously approved the construction of the Katsina-Araheed Bridge-Hausa Area/Victory Bible Church Wukari Junction and the Zaki-Biam Yam Market-Iwalu-Ioru-Y Junction roads.

As the state moves forward, it is evident that the governor’s leadership has instilled hope and confidence in the people and his administration’s efforts towards the development of the state.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>