Bello Sarki said. “If it were people from Kaduna who stole these monies maybe I wouldn’t have been so angry”

Bello Sarki said. "If it were people from Kaduna who stole these monies maybe I wouldn’t have been so angry"Danjuma Bello Sarki, a former PDP youth leader running for the State Party chairmanship, has promised to lead the party to victory in 2027 should he be elected. He said that his candidacy represented the will of the people and the backing of party members during his campaign kickoff at the party’s headquarters in Zonkwa and Kafanchan, according to Daily Post.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Sarki stated that he had responded to their call because they believed in his capability, vibrancy, connections, and wisdom to revamp the party. He expressed a vision to unite the party and make it formidable ahead of any general elections in the state if he emerged as the State Party Chairman.

He assured the attendees that the PDP is a democratic party that encourages youth participation, which motivated his decision to join the race after thorough consultation. Sarki highlighted his extensive involvement in PDP campaigns since 2015, claiming that this experience had equipped him with knowledge of all the loopholes and gaps. He pledged that, if elected, he would ensure no election could be rigged by security forces or anyone else, confidently stating he would lead the party to victory in 2027.

Sarki criticized the APC administration’s governance since 2015, accusing it of subjecting people to abject poverty. He pointed to a report from the Kaduna State House of Assembly, which he said revealed extensive corruption and theft of the state’s resources, leaving him deeply angered.

He expressed disappointment with both the current administration of Governor Uba Sani and the previous one under Nasir El-Rufai, alleging they operated similarly but with different methods. He lamented the lack of visible governance in Kaduna State, accusing the administration of using media hype to cover its deficiencies.

In his words: “When I look at the report of the State House of Assembly, I feel like crying. If it were even people from Kaduna State who stole these monies, maybe I wouldn’t have been so angry like this.”

“If you look at Kaduna State you’ll think there’s no Governor, there is no sense of any governance, most cases they try to use the media to create hype,” he lamented.

Sarki promised to lead a credible opposition that would hold the government accountable, expose its failures, and demonstrate that the PDP remains the best party for the people of Kaduna State and Nigeria.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>